Before you ask, we're NOT an agency; we simply source models (novices preferred) for our photographer to work with - so if you'd like to give glamour a go, read on.

We're based in North London & we're currently looking for novice glamour models to work with. All paid shoots are subject to a test shoot with us (for which we will cover only travelling expenses based on public transport rates), our rates are based on the current going fees for established models, starting at glamour nude levels. Our test shoots are an essential part of the process in hiring a model for paid work. It gives us the opportunity to meet, and more importantly get a sense of whether we will be comfortable working with each other. The whole process should last no longer than an hour, and models will only be required to model to lingerie level.

We do NOT work with professional models - unless you're Britney Lee! - or those with excessive body art (piercings & tattoos), implants or fake tans. So, if you're 18 years of age and above, with at least 2 proofs of ID, and are happy to sign a Model Agreement Form for any material produced at any of our agreed shoots, get in touch with YouPan Models today. Other than that, before you fire off that e-mail with your photo, please take the time while you are here and have a look around...



The Shoots

When we first embarked on this venture, we were also a little confused by all the modelling categories out there - so if you are a novice at this (as we were!), a little explanation is in order. Whichever modelling level you're considering, regardless of whether it is with us or other photographers, you should always be aware that in this day and age of the Internet, your images will always exist in one form or the other. Forever. While we understand that you may come to regret the consequences of the work in the future, there will be very little we can do to control it; even if we have, and continue to be, extremely aggressive in protecting our copyrighted material.

So, whatever level you agree to comfortably work to, it is important to discuss in detail exactly what is expected of you during a shoot.

Glamour Nude

This style of photography has many interpretations throughout the industry, but one definition that is generally agreed upon is that unlike fashion photography, the focus is on the model rather than the clothes. So what does all this mean for you if you agree to do a glamour shoot? For us, it is important for you to clearly understand that nudity is absolutely required before you agree to such a paid shoot with us and the results will be sexually suggestive - though not explicit.

UK Magazine

This is generally taken to mean full nudity with open leg poses; and if this level of modelling seems excessive to you, then don't even bother reading any further below! The term "UK Mag" (sometimes referred to as "Playboy Nude") is something of an anachronism today, given the change in UK obscenity laws in recent years, when this was as explicit as legally available adult material got. Playboy - of all the adult magazines - is the least graphic in nature and features this style of work to this day.

US Magazine

This is a term used to define the difference between men's magazines in these respective countries. And what is the difference? Well, apart from the above - and there is no way of putting this delicately, so we won't try! - models are expected to hold their genitals open, or as it is more colloquially known: "showing the pink". As stated above however, the relaxation of UK laws means that this level of modelling has effectively made what was once called "UK Mag" shoots redundant and outdated.

Girl/Girl or Girl/Boy (Soft)

These shoots can be a lot of fun, however, be aware that there are 2 sub-categories involved here: soft and hard. Soft basically means the same level of modelling as "US Mag" - it is explicit, but it is all suggested and there is absolutely no penetration involved at all. Be very careful when booking shoots of this nature, some photographers may not make a differentiate between the 2 levels - you might be alerted if you are asked to bring along an updated health certificate with you!

Continental (Adult Solo)

This type of modelling is definitely not for the modest. Basically, this involves masturbation scenes involving fingers, toys & who knows what else; and absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. It is also worth noting that on many occasions you will be asked (& expected) to allow yourself to be videoed. Of all the modelling levels here, we would urge that you carefully consider the consequences of the resulting material before agreeing to this style of work - don't confuse an offer of "continental" work with a shoot abroad! Believe us when we say that this is not an uncommon situation for many novice models to find themselves in...